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Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center
3143 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, AL 35124

Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center’s Andres
Pelham office is located at 3143 Pelham Parkway.

Dr. Emily Bell Casey & Dr. Ricardo Colberg, are both fellowship trained through the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), and are sports medicine non-surgical
orthopedic physicians.
Drs. Casey and Colberg are available
to see patients at the Pelham clinic Mon – Fri.


Drs. Casey and Colberg treat patients of all ages and all types of musculoskeletal injuries from sprains, fractures and spine-related sports injuries. When defining the best treatment plan for each patient, they take into consideration all the components related to the injury, including factors such as the underlying bio-mechanics of the injury, the patient’s needs and expectations, as well as the short and long-term implications that the injury will have on the patient.  For further information on Dr. Colberg please click here.

They work closely with physical therapists and other health-related disciplines in order to assist patients in their recovery process from injuries and help them reach their ultimate goal of returning to their everyday activities and sports at their optimal potential.
To schedule an appointment, call 205.939.3699.
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More about Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

Advances In Care

Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center diligently strives to meet the needs of our patients. It is the goal of our Orthopedic Center to provide advanced healthcare services that benefit our patients and their needs. As we move forward with new procedures, advances in medicine, and incorporation of new technologies, and a move to our new facility, we insure only the best care for our patients.

Expert Care

Our surgeons and physicians are among the best in their fields. Our facilities are clean and advanced, but we continue to strive so that our efforts for quality care are unmatched. Our strategy is to focus on making sure you receive the best care.