Instructions for NFHS Sportsmanship Course

      Go to this website-

  1. Register an account (make sure you to write down your email address and password that you use to make the account! You will need it again!  If you need your coach to print the certificate, you will need to be able to get back into your account.

(STUDENTS Do NOT use your school email account)

  1. At the top of the page, you will find “COURSES”.  Click on it…. type in Sportsmanship in the search box.  
  2. Put your cursor on the course, and click “view course”.
  3. Order the course… it is free!
  4. A box will appear for the student to identify who will be completing the course.
  5. A shopping cart will appear.  Select the state of Alabama and checkout.
  6. Order status appears and an agreement statement.  After checking the agreement statement choose continue.  Last, at the order receipt box…. In blue small letters click on “CLICK HERE”.
  7.  Begin the course.
  8. A student can come back and complete at any time.  When finished, a student can print the certificate from the screen or save and print it later. DragonFly now allows you to upload to the site. Still working on complete instructions.
  9. If you need help, please contact Coach Jones at